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There is always a couple sides to every story. This is just mine

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Get to know me…

My name is Letta and I consider myself as well as my surroundings as my garden that I must tend to well.

Join me on my journey to self discovery and sustainability. I invited you all to laugh and cry with me as reveal pieces of myself that I aim to love myself more everyday.

Pieces of me include

You can expect excitement, frustration, love romantic and self love. What has worked what hasn’t and what I will try next. If you have suggestions, I welcome your input and look forward to our discussions. These are just a few of my topics.

  • Let Us Garden — perusing the homestead lifestyle
  • Working from Home- Entrepreneurship
  • Family Ties
  • Music 🎶

There is so many things I want to write about that I sometimes forget to organize my thoughts.

I want to say Thank you to everyone who takes time out of there day for me. You are greatly appreciated!

Stay Tuned… More stories are coming.

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Wow! That’s super easy.

What I have in my Garden… coming soon!

Food for thought. I love to eat what I grow in my garden and live to write about it. My new mantra is quality over quantity for Healthy Living